Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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We love to present music that is not only wonderful to listen to but illuminates a particular historical and cultural context, and this hour of Beat Latino presents music from a variety of intersections of the Celtic world and the Latin world. This special for the Day of San Patricio includes selections of the Celtic-origin bagpipe music of northeastern Spain and Portugal, Tex-Mex/Irish folk-music, salsa from Scotland and a salsa-tinged and most danceable version of “Danny Boy” by Ruben Blades from Panama!

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length Find Now
Muneira Vella de Mordomo Faltriqueira Faltriqueira. Resistencia 04:55 find now
Lau Mazurka Alboka Lorius. Resistencia 07:15 find now
Tarantele Atlantico Transitus. Resistencia 02:14 find now
Dueling Chanters The Chieftains, Linda Rondstadt and Los Lobos Santiago. RCA Victor Records 02:53 find now
Arribes La Musgana En Concierto. Resistencia 00:00 find now
Chula Gaiteria Gaiteros de Lisboa Danza Chamas. Farol Musica 00:00 find now
Potpurri Celta Banda de Gaiteros de Buenos Aires Gaitas en Concierto. EPSA 00:00 find now
La Llorona The Molly’s Moon over the Interstate. Apokalips Nos 04:41 find now
Guadalupe The Chieftains, Linda Rondstadt and Los Lobos Santiago. RCA Victors Records 02:51 find now
El Pelotazo Polka Los Celtas Cortos Nos vemos en los bares. East West 00:00 find now
Danny Boy Ruben Blades Mundo. Sony Inernational 06:54 find now
El sol de la noche Salsa Celtica Salsa from around the World. Putumayo 05:52 find now
Homenaje a Irlanda Cynthia Valenzuela Arpa Celta. Urtext Records 01:30 find now

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