Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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This  hour of Beat Latino presents melodies and songs in celebration of Earth Day: from rocking eco-anthems in favor of universal water rights by Latin alternative musicians Aterciopelados from Colombia, to traditional indigenous melodies about the beauty of nature in its flowers and birds – there´s music from all corners of the Latin and Latino musical universe to celebrate our planet’s many marvels.

Beat Latino is hosted in both Spanish and English, so that most who would appreciate the music can also enjoy the information.


Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Length Find
Dias de amar Guardabarranco Antologia. CD Baby 03:36 find now
Aguita Aterciopelados Río. Nacional 03:45 find now
La Guacamaya Conjunto Alma Jarocha Conjunto Alma Jarocha. Arhoolie 03:29 find now
El pájaro campana Hugo Pamcos y su Arpa Folk Music and Harps from Paraguay. Caravacha/The Orchard 03:41 find now
Cielo abierto Dudu Tucci Inae. Sterns 05:41 find now
Ya viene el sol Ozomatli Coming Up. Concord 05:21 find now
Cascada Celso Duarte De Sur a Sur. Apolonita/Studio Harp 06:05 find now
Um mar de mar Mario Lucio Badyo. Lusafrica 04:35 find now
La Iguana Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná El Rey del currulao. Otrabanda 04:36 find now
Perro Negro Lila Downs featuring Ixaya Mazatzin Shake Away. Manhattan 03:00 find now
El burro Yolotecuaní Sones de Tarima de Tuxtla, Guerrero. UA 03:37 find now
Están floreando flores Hilario Lopez de la Cruz Música Huichola. UA 04:33 find now
Flor Hermosa Huguito Gutierrez Huguito Gutierrez. UA 04:30 find now

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