Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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Beat Latino takes you on a weekly paseo through the past, present and future of Latin music in every hour!

This hour of Beat Latino presents new-school musical creations based upon African-rooted genres from the Americas such as the cumbia, the tango, the samba, the rumba and the charanga, as those rhythms are transformed in irresistible mash-ups – chilled out, synthed up, stripped down, and sampled and mixed into the future!

Beat Latino airs weekly on WRTE 90.5FM in Chicago, and is archived here weekly. Please also visit my website for more musical writings and musings! And like Beat Latino on Facebook, por supuesto!

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Length Find Now
Mambo Loco Beny More El Barbaro del Ritmo. Pure Sounds from Cuba 00:55 find now
Menea Mambo Temple of Sound Barcelona: Raval Sessions. Satellitle K 01:12 find now
Mercedes Africa en las Americas Agrupacion de Santa Mara. Discos Coraxon 00:08 find now
Cumbia Reggae Descemer Bueno Siete Rayo. Universal Music Latino 04:04 find now
Cumbia Boogaloo King Bongo Fiebre de Salsa. Tropisounds Corporation 01:37 find now
Cumbia Villera Yerba Brava Cumbia Villera. LM Argentina 01:13 find now
La Paloma Sidestepper Electrocumbe. Promotional Materials 03:35 find now
Somos Pacifico ChocQuibTown Electrocumbe. Promotional Materials 03:30 find now
La Cucaracha Kumbia Kings Greatest Hits. EMI Latin 02:15 find now
Belleza Charanga Cakewalk Loteria de la Cumbia Lounge. Triloka 02:31 find now
AveCruz Ceu Ceu. Six Degrees 02:18 find now
ToroMata Peru Negro

Zamba Malato

Times Square 05:05 find now
ToroMata Afro NovaLima Afro NovaLIma. Pid 04:36 find now
Sol Kinky Kinky. Nettwerk America 04:17 find now
Escravos do jo DJ Da Lata Brazilian Love Affair 3. Far Out Recordings 05:26 find now
Spam AllStars Charanga E 350 Electrodomesticos. Spamoramic Publishing 01:45 find now

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