Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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We Latinos have long sung about leaving our homeland and creating a new life and identity in a foreign land that we sometimes come to call home. The tunes selected for this hour of beat Latino highlight the heartaches as well as triumphs of the emigrant/immigrant experience, and are mixed with chants and sounds from the first Mayday Immigration March in Chicago, Illinois.

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Length Find
El emigrante Papi Shulo Pa que se eduquen. One ten records 00:30 find now
Emigrante Latino Fruko y sus Tesos Somos Salsa. Discos Fuentes 04:19 find now
El emigrante Yoyito Cabrera Merengues. Salsoul 04:09 find now
El inmigrante Felix Cumbe El Inmigrante. Platano 04:43 find now
Dice el Inmigrante Leon Gieco Grandes Exitos. D & D Producciones Fonograficas 03:53 find now
Cancion de Frontera Tumbatu Cumba Buenos Aires Hoy. TURF 04:49 find now
La Linea Lila Downs Border. Narada 00:03 find now
Mas alla de la Frontera Chuy Liviano Mas alla de la Frontera. Peerless MCM 02:58 find now
Cancion Mixteca Betsy Pecanins Blues en el Alma. Unknown 00:00 find now
Deportees Sweet Honey in the Rock The Other Side. Flying Fish 00:30 find now
Canto del Bracero Piratas del Norte Lamento del Inmigrante. Digitalpressure GDI 03:06 find now
Mexico-americano Pinguinos del Norte Corridos de la Frontera. Arhoolie 00:32 find now
Esta tierra es tuya Sones de Mexico Esta tierra es tuya. Sones de Mexico Ensemble 02:00 find now

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