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Some of the amazing music and musicians I encountered at Womex 2011! Música maravillosa con la que me encontré en Copenhague, Womex 2011. Check also the piece I wrote for Revista Contratiempo the reign of the cumbia worldwide and at Womex, including interview with Celso Piña. En el artículo que escribí para Contratiempo, pueden leer sobre la presencia de la cumbia en Womex 2011 y también sobre la conversación que sostuve con el gran cumbiero regiomontano Celso Piña.

Interested in checking out the interviews? También puedes escuchar las entrevistas facilmente a través de este link. Listen to this show through the Soundcloud Player which has the interviews marked – Cesar and Julio from La Herencia de Timbiquí share the reason and the origins behind their Colombian Pacific Coast sounds, Rafael from La Chiva Gantiva describes the European/Colombian fusion at the hear of his band’s tunes and Ani Cordero talks about her new solo project, “Recordar”!

 Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label
Mi Kolombia Systema Solar  Systema Solar  Intermundos  2010
Y Qué Herencia de Timbiquí Tambó  Herencia de Timbiquí/Verge  2011
Coca por Coco Herencia de Timbiquí Tambó  Herencia de Timbiquí/Verge   2011
Por Eso Canto La Chiva Gantiva Pelao  Crammed Discs  2011
Pelao la Chiva Gantiva Pelao  Crammed Discs  2011
Choferito Ani Cordero Recordar  2011
Cumbia Arenosa Celso Piña WOMEXIZER 11 Piranha 2011


  1. […] hour dedicated to some of the amazing music and musicians I encountered at Womex 2011! Una hora enfocada en la música maravillosa con la […]

  2. Michael Cook wrote:

    I wonder if if could add Maria Solar to you list of singers. she specializes in Spanish Gospel. I found her in Baldwin Park Ca. But she has quite a folloiwing world wide. You can search for her by using the search “Spanish gospel Maria Solar and listen to a sample. If you would like to reach her you can call her at the number given.