Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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The ancient Mayas believed that Dec. 21, 2012 marked the end of an era, and we are now in 14 B’aktun, a new creation. This is music that is transformative in many senses – either artists that are finding a solo voice like Sandra Lilia Velasquez (SLV) from Pistolera, or groups that are reborn in the ashes of a previous band (Lenacay from Ojos de Brujo) or music that is transformed by the children of musicians – Raul and Mexia (sons of Hernan Hernández from Los Tigres del Norte) or the music of Latinos transforming a city like Toronto! It’s all music celebrating change and new stages! ¡Viva el nuevo B’aktun!


Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Enough Sandra Lilia Velasquez Dig Deeper. SLV 2013 04:17
Sueno Sandra Lilia Velasquez Dig Deeper. SLV 2013 03:00
Solo Para Ti Raul Y Mexia Arriba Y Lejos. Nactional Records 2013 03:29
Todos Somos Arizona Raul Y Mexia Todos Somos Arizona. Suenos Entertainment 2010 03:23
Norma Y Paraiso Alexis Cuadrado Poeta En Nueva York. Soundcloud 2013 05:03
A Mi Tio Gabriel Lenacay Ryma. Satelite K 2012 03:54
Septimo Sueno Lenacay Ryma. Satelite K 2012 03:31
Traveler Laurent Coq and Miguel Zenon Rayuela. Sunnyside 2012 04:52
Heart Seed feat. Leah Alvarez Dj Sun 100. Soular Productions 2013 03:08
13 Baktun Sones de Mexico Sones de Mexico Ensemble. Sones de Mexico Ensemble 2012 13:00
Toronto Tiene su Cosa Alberto Alberto Lula Louge Essentials. Lula Lounge Records 2012 03:33
Cantame Sonera Lady Son Lula Lounge Essentials. Lula Lounge Records 2012 04:38
Ganga Style Don Cheto Ganga Style. Talento Music 2012 03:43

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