Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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Yes, it certainly is that time of year again!! Every March, tens of thousands of music lovers will descend upon Austin, Texas for the South By Southwest Festival, an annual indie music-avaganza. This week’s Beat Latino takes you along for the ride! A one hour preview of the many-hued musics of Latinos from Spain, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico and por supuesto, the USA that will grace the stages of SXSW 2013 – truly a magnificent testament to the many melodies and rhythms we can call our own. Enjoy!

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Hora Bruja Cuchillo Encanto. Limbo Starr 2012 03:53
Luciernagas (live) – radio edit Pumcayo Pumcayo EP. Pumcayo 2011 04:18
Dia de los Muertos El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado El Nuevo Magnetismo (2003 – 2011). Laptra Records 2012 04:23
Lets Get it On (Pa encima) Los Rakas Los Rakas. Soundcloud 2013 03:37
Niebla, Barco, Pajaros… Prima Vera Tan Frio el Verano. Onion Music 2012 09:52
La Distancia Bareto Sodoma Y Gamarra. Seaband Music 2012 03:44
Seconds Away Las Robertas Dissected Affair. Art Fag Recordings 2012 02:46
Mera Vuelta Crew Peligrosos Mera Vuelta – Single. 10 Music 2012 03:52
Gimme Tha Power Molotov Desde Rusia Con Amor. Universal Latino 2012 04:20
Pelao La Chiva Gantiva Pelao. Crammed Discs 2011 02:57
Electric Bugalu Chico Mann Manifest Tone the Best of Vol. 1-3. Soundway 2012 03:04
Zorzal Campo Bajofondo Presenta Campo. Bajofondo presenta 2011 03:09
Blues del Carrito Martin Buscaglia Temporada de Conejos. Lovemonk 2010 03:29
Bomba Chaya Gepe Gp. Quemasucabeza/TuneCore 2012 03:07
Calypso Town Sol Okarina Modern Latin Music. X5 Music Group 2012 02:26
Viento La Santa Cecilia El Valor. Universal Music Latino 2012 03:46
Perfidia Max Capote Chicle. Ojo Musica 2010 02:03

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