Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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This hour of Beat Latino goes to Africa! The rhythms of salsa, bachata and rumba from the Americas was born with a large dose of Africa, thanks to the presence of Africans in the Americas since the 1500’s. This edition of Beat Latino takes a listen to genres that then returned in the 20th century to become highly popular as well as transformed in many countries in that continent – the super dance beats of the Americas with a new African touch!




Musical Works

Oye: Sabroso SonPapa Noel, Papi OviedoBana Congo.Caribbean Fantasies Productions201903:50
Bogne SiralaAfricandoKetukuba.Syllart Records200606:32
Paquita Tabu Ley Rochereau 33 ans: 1959 – 1992 (Live) . 33 ans: 1959 – 1992 (Live) Tabu Ley / Syllart Records199404:12
SilenceKekeleCongo Life.Syllart Records199805:13
La BambaAfrica MarimbaAmisiko.USM200503:19
Mouhamadou BambaOrchestra BaobabBamba.Sterns199506:37
Binette Mapenda SeckAfrican Salsa.Earthworks199805:30
Tjouraye CongoAlioune KasseAfrican Salsa.KSF Productions201404:15
Bachata – SaniRicardo LemvoShall we Salsa.Trilogy Records International200704:23
Toko Wela WelaWendo KolosoyAmba.Marabi200204:37
KellyaRumbanella Band The Very Best of Congolese Rumba.The Very Best of Congolese Rumba201105:40

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