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OK, I admit–I love Christmas tunes, particularly in the realm of the Latino. There just seems to be no end of songs we create about Christmas, whether it’s the celebrating and other traditions, or the month of December, or just our unique stamp on the classics.

There’s a little bit of all of that and more, in this year’s Beat Latino Navidad special. So, sit back and let the music transport you to new places for the holidays…Whether it’s the soaring, smoky voice of Guatemala’s Gaby Moreno in an austere and elegant version of the Little Drummer Boy, the soulful twang of David Garza’s guitar in a rich, textured version of Silent Night, Puerto Rican cuatro masters such as Yomo Toro or even a rockabilly rockin’ Christmas tune from Argentina – there’s something for all kinds of celebrations. Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Don’t forget to use the “suggestions” tab on the home page to let me know what your Christmas favorites are!

beatlatino-Chistmas 2013 - playlist

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