Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music has justifiably been named one of the top ten music festivals in the world as well as a transcendent experience. It is certainly one of my favorites! Everything is right about Féz- the natural beauty of arguably one of the most beautiful cities on our planet nestled in the mountains, the millenary Medina and it’s labyrinthian times of quiet and bustle, and the wondrous music from all parts of the world that is curated and shared especially to make us aware we are all one and we are all in this together. 

This year’s theme of the “Conference of the Birds” based on an epic Persian poem, really brought that idea home, as the festival truly played out the fable of the birds, each with their song, all together in adventure as well as trials and tribulations, taking a journey to find the power and majesty in joining their diverse songs.

Enjoy the music and take a trip to Fés with Beat Latino!

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