Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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It’s time to get seriously groooooovy! Retro sounds old and new on this week’s Beat Latino! From Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, New York and all over the Latino musical universe, starting in the 50’s and continuing ’til today,  alma latina seriously infused the SOUL movement and created some tasty, swinging tunes. Get ready to shingalin, bugaloo and boogie to the beat!

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Everybody’s Got Soul Flash & the Dynamics Fania Latin Soul Essentials. Fania 2013 03:31:00
Let my People Gugalu Spanglish Fly 101 Things to do in Bongolia. Electric Cowbell Records 2011 03:56:00
Latin Soul Gentlemen Los Fulanos ft. The Pepper Pots We are Friends. World Music Hanover 2014 03:57:00
Alligator Boogaloo Pucho and His Latin Soul Brothers Caliente Con Soul!. Cubop Records 1999 04:59:00
Soul Drummers Ray Barretto The Latin Soul Man. Fania 2012 03:51:00
Melenas Club Frank Miller and Hispania Soul Sansacional Soul Vol 1. Vampisoul 2006 02:25:00
Matapalo Matamusa Jose Conde Jose Conde. Pipiki Records 2011 03:51:00
Primavera Ocote Soul Sounds Taurus. ESL Music, Inc. 2011 03:32:00
Soul Latino Robert Incelli Asi Se Goza. RIC Records 2011 04:22:00
Mestizo Joe Bataan with The Fulanos King of the Latin Soul. Vampi Soul 2009 04:48:00
Fever La Lupe La Lupe- Greatest Hits. Fania 2010 02:46:00
Shingalin En Panama Orquesta Los Embajadores Con Camilo Azuquita Panana! Volume 3. Soundway Records 2009 02:54:00
Vamanos Pal Monte! Bryan Vargas & Ya Esta Afro Latin Soul. Mofongo Music 2008 07:55:00
Golden Soul Conjunto Nueva Onda Beat Soul Pop Super Hits. Vampisoul 2006 03:21:00
Soul /2 Chus Martinez Y Su Conjunto Beat Soul Pop Super Hits. Tam-Tam Media 2011 02:14:00

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