Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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Another hour of new, new, NEW music on Beat Latino! What are you in the mood for? Experimental funk from Brooklyn via Cuba and Puerto Rico? (check Xenia Rubinos). Or perhaps some incredibly powerful Pacifico Colombiano via Queens and MAKU Sound System. There’s also Fania remixed, a Galician muiñera, and even some classic Cuban son! This week’s Beat Latino is a particularly wild and wonderful ride through everything we call Latino. Enjoy!

Feature photo: MAKU Sound System by Max Ocampo


Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Así es la vida Cirque du Soleil Luzia. Cirque Du Soleil 2016 04:49:00
De barrio M.A.K.U. Soundsystem Mezcla. Glitterbeat Records 2016 05:51:00
Lonely lover Xenia Rubinos Black Terry cat. Anti/Epitaph 2016 04:24:00
El Majagual Systema Solar Systema Solar. Nacional Records 2016 05:26:00
Niele Kalusimbiko Konono N 1 Konono N 1 meets Batida. Konono N 1 meets Batida 2016 04:21:00
Vámonos (feat. Fito Paéz) La Santa Cecilia Buenaventura. UMLE – Latino 2016 03:36:00
Pun Pun Catalu (Canyon Cody & Captain Planet’s Remix) Celia Cruz & Willie Colon Calentura: Global Bassment. Fania 2016 04:14:00
Orale (feat. Royal Highness) El Dusty Orale. Aftercluv Dancelab 2015 03:05:00
Lluvia Mateo Kingman Respira. AYA Records 2016 04:02:00
Muiñeria for Cristina Victor Prieto The three voices. Victor Prieto 2016 04:38:00
Ziryab y la gacela La Banda Morisca Algarabya. FOL MUSICA 2016 04:33:00
Eu Entrego Ana Moura and Omara Portuondo Moura. UMC/Universal Portugal 2016 02:45:00
Me voy pal’ norte Eliades Ochoa, Maria Ochoa & Alma Latina Guajira Mas Guajira. Tumi Music Ltd 2015 04:17:00

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