Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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The music just keeps on coming and it’s another edition of Beat Latino’s summertime music for our city! From mariachi to hip hop to experimental funk to pop ballads, the Latin sounds of Chicago 2016 summer concerts and fests having something for every kind of listener. Enjoy!


Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Heartbeats José González Veneer. MUTE 2014 03:42:00
Luz de luna Monsieur Periné Tributo a Chavela Vargas. 02:56:00
Lonely lover Xenia Rubinos Black Terry Cat. Anti/Epitaph 2016 04:24:00
Everything is you Empress Of Me. Terrible Records 2015 03:45:00
Miles de Millas Gina Chávez Up.rooted. Gina Chavez 2014 04:15:00
Sing me life Gaby Moreno Illustrared Songs. Paisley Records 2011 05:01:00
Humito de copal Lila Downs Balas y Chocolate. RCA Records Label 2015 03:52:00
Drowned Las Robertas Days Unmade. Arts & Crafts Mexico 2014 02:39:00
Blanco y negro feat. Macondo, Mr, Vallenato Palenke Soultribe Mundial Montreal #5. Latin Groove Records 2014 04:02:00
O Nao- Peido de casamento Rodrigo Amarante Echos d’aujourd’hui. Fanon Records 2013 04:43:00
Lágrimas negras feat. Candido Candido The Master. Chesky Records 2014 03:53:00
The Fool on the hill Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 The Fool on the hill. A&M 2004 03:15:00
Shady Sexyfornia Divino Niño The Shady Sexyfornia Taps. The Native Sound 2016 02:02:00
Neo Reconquista Boogat Neo Reconquista. Imports 2015 03:51:00
En mis sueños Miramar Para siempre. 2011 03:14:00
El Alegre Mariachi International Los Pérez Rancheras de siempre. Intermex Music 2013 02:27:00

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