Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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This week’s Beat Latino explores songs from the past and present that speak to who we are.

How do we identify ourselves? Who tells our story? Where do we say we come from?

So, here’s a special selection from all over the Americas that sings about a few possibilities. We have expressed regional pride (Soy de Durango), sung of our immigrant status (Emigrante Latino), our mestizo heritage (Soy Mexicoamericano), our shared heritage with others (Soy latino) and much, much more.

And we end the show with a question – ¿Quíen Soy? Who am I?

Here’s to telling your own story, in words and songs of your own choice! And of course, dance all the while doing so!


Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Vengo Ana Tijoux Vengo. Nacional Records 2014 03:12
Latinoamerica Calle 13 Feat. Toto La Momposina, Susana Baca & Maria Rita Entren Los Que Quieren. Sony Music Latin 2010 05:01
De Donde Vengo Yo Chocquibtown Oro. Nacional Records 2010 04:21
Cholo Soy Jaime Cuadra CHI-QI Made in Peru . Quadrasonic Ideas 2006 05:41
Llanero si soy llanero Cholo Valderrama Corazon Marca’o. Discos El Copey E.U 2001 04:46
Soy De Durango Grupo Innovacion Largrimas Del Alma. Garmex 2005 03:30
El Emigrante Latino Colombia All Stars Tu Tierra Te Extraña. Tropisounds 2005 05:19
Soy Mexico Americano Los Cenzontles Raza de Oro. Los Cenzontles 2010 02:27
Latinos Yani Borrell Lula Lounge Essential Tracks V1. Lula Lounge Records 2012 03:53
Yo Soy Latino Orquesta Harlow Yo Soy Latino . Fania 2012 03:41
Fuerza Pal Latino Cuarto Poder In Tha House. Nacional Records 2010 03:08
Soy Latino Guardabarranco Antologia 1985-1995. Guardabarranco 2005 04:06
America Los Tigres Del Norte Gracias America Sin Fronteras. Fonovisa 2006 03:01



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