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Nuestra música: past, present and future


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Beat Latino goes to the Dominican Republic this week! It was wonderful to experience the 20th edition of the Dominican Republic Jazz Fest, especially because of its magnificent programming – all women artists! The DRJF 2016 presented a stellar array of international jazz figures including Esperanza Spalding, Tia Fuller, Patricia Zárate, Ingrid Jensen, Linda Oh and more, as well as a iconic exponents of Dominican music such as Enerolisa Nuñez and La India Canela. We also had a chance to chat with Patricia Zarate, who is a master music therapist as well as saxophonist and composter, and the delightful Enerolisa Nuñez who explained what Dominican salve is all about. Enjoy!

Featured photo: Esperanza Spalding at the Dominican Republic Jazz Fest 2016. Photo by Gabriel Rodes.

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Cantora de Yala Esperanza Spalding Junjo. Ayva Musica Producciones 2006 04:56
Inútil Paisagem Esperanza Spalding Chamber Music Society. Heads Up 2013 04:38
Cueca del amanecer Inti Mujus Danza del Sikuri. Khuyay producciones 2016 03:10
Patricia Zarate Interview Patricia Zarate Interview. Beat Latino 2016 08:40
Canto Libre Victor Jara Best of Victor Jara. One World Productions 2011 04:49
Ayer pasé por tu casa Lucia Pulido Por esos caminos. Ojo Música 2011 03:37
Itching in ky heart Geri Allen Grand River Crossings. Motema Music,Llc 2013 01:56
The Faction of cool Ingrid Jensen Kind of new. Whaling City Sound 2015 06:31
San Rafael Musica Raíz Enerolisa y el grupo de salve de mata. Caribbeandownloads 2013 03:36
Enerolisa Interview Enerolisa Interview. Beat Latino 2016 02:50
Pa´Los Olivos Enerolisa y el grupo de salve de mata Musica Raíz. Caribbeandownloads 2013 03:12
Que siga la fiesta La india Canela Que siga la fiesta. Jose Luis Records 1997 03:37

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