Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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Come spend some time with Beat Latino in the vivid dreamscapes created by Futuro Folkloric musicians who mix ancestral grooves and Andean flavors, folk rituals and more…From Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and including Latino artists residing in Europe (Barrio Lindon in Berlin, Jhon Montoya in Italy) this week’s Beat Latino is a marvelous, luminous paseo between the past and the future, with all its possibilities. Enjoy!

Feature photo: Barrio Lindo. Courtesy of the Artist.

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Belleza en el aire Barrio Lindo Albura. Shika Shika 2017 04:59
Agustin Rivaldo defines his musical mission -. 2017 01:26
Otoño primavera Barrio lindo Albura. Shika Shika 2017 04:26
Pintar el sol Miriam Garcia, Alicia Solans Río Arriba. ZZK Records 2012 03:32
El Agua Abarca Lulacruza Orcas. Uji Music 2015 04:58
Huella Tremor Huella. Wonderwheel Recordings 2013 03:46
Quincha John Montoya Iwa. White Forest Records 2016 06:33
Ceremony Ela Minus Ceremony. Yebo Music 2017 03:25
Calma Chicha El Remolón Senderos. Fertil Discos 2016 06:35
Mantis Nicola Cruz Invocación. Multi Culti 2015 04:55
Rodocrismo Barda Compilación Nomade. Nomade Records 2017 05:34
History of colour El Buho & Barrio Lindo History of colour EP. ZZK Records 2014 03:35

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