Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future

This week’s Beat Latino is all about the new music released in the last few months.

What are you in the mood for? Honduran-Miami Sexy retro soul? Mexican Folk Punk? Puerto Rican electronic ballads? A heartfelt protest anthem supporting Black Lives Matter? Sizzling Cuban rumba with jazzy Ella Fitzgerald touches? Alt rock from Venezuela? We’ve got you covered!

All the above and more because Latinx music. It’s a wild, wonderful and definitely eclectic universe, come explore with me, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Feature photo: Ani Cordero by Bek Anderson.



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Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Teletransporte Balún Teletransporte. Good Child Music 2017 05:56
Frío feat. Helado Negro Buscabulla Frío. Baby Making Records 2017 02:55
Honey Bun Elastic Bond Honey Bun. Nacional Records 2017 03:58
Me Tumba Ani Cordero Querido Mundo. Ani Cordero2 17 03:20
Integridad feat. Stephen Marley Danay Suárez Palabras Manuales. UMLE-LATINO 2017 03:39
Señor Presidente Las Cafeteras Tastes Like L.A.. Las Cafeteras Music 2016 04:13
Chote de Flores Lone Piñón Días Felices. LM Dupli-cation 2017 02:42
Rican Beach Hurray for the riff raff The Navigator. ATO Records 2017 03:32
Follow Me feat. Lecture& Tito Fuentes Lingo The Lost Tapes. Grind Mode Cypher 2017 03:21
La rumba me llamo Yo Daymé Arocena Cubafonía. Brownswood Recordings 2017 04:24
La naranja madura Ondatrópica Baile Bucanero. Soundway Records 2017 04:07
The taker story Chicano Batman Freedom is free. ATO Records 2017 05:28
Pobre músico Nildo Colon Babylou The garifuna parand sound of New York. Garifuna Music Group 2016 05:17
Lejos La vida Boheme La lucha. Nacional Records 2017 04:00

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