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A weekly exploration of the past, present and future of the Latino musical universe


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June is Immigrant Heritage Month and Beat Latino is delighted to celebrate it! Songs from Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Guatemala and many other lands to celebrate the strength and valor of those that leave their homeland for many reasons and in doing so, enrich the land of destiny with their cultural riches. Enjoy!
Feature photo: Las Cafeteras, courtesy of the artist.

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Inmigrante (feat. Caramelo) [Basement Stories] Caramelo K73 Basement Stories. K73 2017 03:32
Canta el Rio (feat. Ceci Bastida) Outernational feat. Ceci Bastida Todos Somos Ilegales. Outernational Music 2011 04:21
La Patera Watcha Clan Latin Noir. Piranha 2008 05:41
Ave que emigra Gaby Moreno Postales. Metamorfosis Enterprises Inc. 2012 04:22
Inmigrante Soy Ritmo Sabanero A ritmo de Cumbia. Sunflower Ent. 2016 04:46
Dice el Inmigrante Leon Gieco Grandes exitos. D&D Producciones Fonograficas SA 1995 03:53
Pateras Black Gandhi Joy. Black Gandhi Music 2008 04:55
Blues de la patera – Máscara Varios Maremagnum Africae. Nubenegra 1998 04:11
El emigrante Los tigres del norte La Granja. Fonovisa 2012 04:19
Inmigrantes Rubén Olivera Una tarde de Abril. Ayui 1998 05:35
El emigrante latino Colombia All Star Tu tierra te extraña. Colombia All Star 2016 05:19
Canción para los refugiados Mónica Molina, Paco Damas Que a Todas las Balas Se Les Haga de Noche. Rospi Digita 2015 02:44
La Bamba rebelde Las cafeteras It’s Time. Las Cafeteras Music 2012 05:12
We are all Illegals Outernational feat. Chad Smith feat. Residente feat. Tom Morello Todos somos ilegales. Outernational Music 2011 04:35


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