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This week’s Beat Latino is all about dangerous women and their music: las peligrosas – Fierce, wonderful artists and the vital music they create. From Cuban electronica to Mexican rancheras to Argentinean surf rock to Chilean hip hop, here’s a set of tunes by women and for women about changing up the world in a myriad of ways. Fighting the Patriarchy one song at a time!
And here’s a piece featuring an interview with Lila Downs, describing her newest music – which we also feature in this week’s
 Beat Latino.
Feature photoLila Downs, Courtesy of the artist

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Peligrosa Lila Downs Salón Lágrimas y Deseo. RCA Records Label 2017 04:01
Himno Danay Suárez Palabras manuales. UMLE-LATINO 2017 03:44
Tengo el power Bomba estéreo Tengo el power. Sony Music Latin 2017 02:25
La farufa Pauza No hay más fruta que la nuestra 2. Piratón records 2017 04:57
Por eso es malo Mala Rodríguez A tribe calle Lamc. Dirty Bailarina 2017 03:30
Antipatriarca Ana Tijoux Vengo. Nacional Records 2014 03:04
Demons Jessica Hernández & The Deltas Demons. Instant Records 2013 02:54
Demon stuck in your eye Le Butcherettes Cry is for the flies. Ipecac Recordings 2015 02:23
Mujer Lunar Rebeca Lane Canto. Outstanding Productions 2013 06:08
De mala pa’ buena La Dama Blanche La Dama Blanche 2. Wakan Tanka Records2 16 03:38
Pesadilla Las piñas Espanto Caribe. Yippee Ki Yay Records 2016 02:53
Bad again Alejandra Ribera La boca. Pheromone Recordings 2014 04:32
Ingrata (Mon Laferte) La Santa Cecilia Amar y Vivir. Rebeleon, Inc. 2017 04:18
Elas Mercedes Peon Mujer raíz. FOL MUSICA 2017 04:59

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