Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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This week’s Beat Latino focuses on new music, and it’s a wonderful, magical ride with all sorts of grooves from hip hop from Costa Rica and Guatemala (Nakury, Rebecca Lane) to masterful weirdness from Colombia’s Meridian Brothers, to surreal border ballads from The Chamanas to psychedelic surf rock cumbia from Thee Commons to… so much more! The selection of new music from this week’s Beat Latino is a testament to how we as Latinx craft the most wonderful and varied musical identities, drawing from a nearly infinite wellspring of cultural resources. Enjoy!

Featured photo: Thee Commons by Alejandro Ohlmeier, courtesy of the artist

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Outro: Orígenes Nakury Via. Lácteo Cósmico 2017 01:23
Desprender The Chamanas NEA. 2017 04:36
Evolver M1.1 -. 2017 03:39
Selena’s Butt Thee Commons Selena’s Butt/Work it Out. Cosmica 2017 02:57
Agárrate Nakury Via. Via 2017 03:42
Copal Kaleema Nómada. Tropical Twista 2017 04:19
Dónde estás Maria Meridian Brothers Dónde estás Maria. Soundway Records 2017 03:55
Agua de la Tierra Rodrigo Gallardo & Nicola Cruz El Origen. Wonderwheel Recordings 2017 04:54
Lluvia Klik & Frik Telepat. Waxploitation Records 2017 04:10
A la Mar Taxman Dimensiones. 2017 03:31
Ingrata La Santa Cecilia Amar y Vivir. Rebeleon, Inc. 2017 04:18
Cielito de Abril Mon Laferte La Trenza. Rebeleon, Inc. 2017 02:55
Agua Rio Mira Agua. AYA Records 172 03:49
Campanas Mitú Cosmus. ZZK Records 2017 04:01
Duele           Bomba Estéreo Duele Sony Music Latin 2017  03:45

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