Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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This week’s Beat Latino focuses on the beauty of our color brown, moreno skin, and the musical odes to  beautiful morenas to new anthems to the mixtures of international peoples from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Spain. As Bomba Estéreo sings in their new anthem “Internacionales”: “Mezclados, somos todos mezclados, venimos de todos lados, la misma historia con otro sabor” (Mixed, we are all mixed, we come from everywhere, the same history with different flavors)”. Amen!

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Somos anormales Residente Residente. Sony Music Latin 2017 03:38
Internacionales Bomba Estérero Ayo. Sony Music Latin 2017 03:08
Brown and Proud Lighter Shade of brown Brown and Proud. Universal Special Markets 1990 03:46
Festejo de color Nano Stern Mil500 Vueltas. Nano Stern Music 2015 03:37
Mi son tiene piel morena Los naranjos Mi son tiene piel morena. Impulso Records 1998 03:48
Chika Morena Sarah Aroeste Gracia. Aroeste Music 2012 04:52
Morena, morenita (Dark Woman, Little Dark Woman) Flaco Jimenez Flaco & Max: Legends & Legacies. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings 2014 03:21
La Morena La santa cecilia Someday new. Universal Latino 2014 03:03
Moreno soy Diego El Cigala Indestructible. Sony Music Lati2n 2016 04:40
Morena Radio Free Honduras Radio Free Honduras. Radio Free Honduras 2014 03:34
La Morena Las Cafeteras Tastes Like L.A.. Las Cafeteras Music2 17 03:33
La Morena Son de Madera Son de Madera. Son de Madera 1997 06:45
Adiós Morena Rio Mira Adiós Morena. AYA Records 2016 05:08
A change is gonna come Villalobos Brothers Aliens of extraordinary ability. Villalobos Brothers 2012 03:32

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