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Nuestra música: past, present and future


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There’s a recent trend to create music in both Spanish and English (even when the artist has primarily sung in one or the other) that we find fascinating, so here’s a Beat Latino hour dedicated to how artists use language/s in the music. How about you? Do you feel yourself drifting into one or another, mixing, dreaming in both, thinking in both or how do your languages play in to the crafting of identity? Beat Latino has some music samples, example and answers to that question for you as well as comments by Jessica Hernández and the Deltas.

Feature photo: Jessica Hernández and the Deltas, courtesy of the artist

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Tyrant Kali Uchis Tyrant. Interscope Records 2017 03:24
Tirano Kali Uchis Tirano. Interscope 2017 03:24
Telphone Jessica Hernadez Telephone. Instant Records 2017 04:40
Jessica H at Ruido Fest -. 2017 02:14
Teléfono Jessica Hernadez Telefono. Instant Records 2017 04:40
Llego con tres heridas Joan Baez Gracias a la vida. A&m 1974 02:16
I pity the poor immigrant Joan Baez Greatest hits and others. Vanguard Records 1968 03:44
Life is like a mountain railway Linda Ronstadt The best of Linda Ronstadt. Capitol Records 1969 03:24
El sol que tu eres Linda Ronstadt Linda Ronstadt. Stagesound Hit Music 2017 03:03
I could fall in love Selena Ones. Capitol Latin 1995 04:41
Siempre hace frío Selena Ones. Capitol Latin 2007 03:17
Cucurrucucú Paloma Mariachi flor de Toloache Mariachi flor de Toloache. Flor De Toloache LLC 2014 06:29
Let down Mariachi flor de Toloache Mariachi flor de Toloache. Mariachi flor de Toloache 2014 05:40
Señor Presidente Las cafeteras Tastes Like L.A.. Las Cafeteras Music 2017 04:13

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