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What defines us as humans? Certainly one of our key characteristics is an eternal drive to seek new horizons – sometimes in adventure, sometimes in search of a better economic future, sometimes simply to see what lies beyond… This week’s Beat Latino is dedicated to the idea of “movement”, particularly inspired by the song of that name composed by singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler from Uruguay, from his latest album.


Featured photo: Jorge Drexler by imagine it media/ Warner Spain

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Piedra Rodante Santi Mostafa Pensamiento y movimiento. Regalia Records 2015 03:42
“Movimiento” (Lyric video)  Jorge Drexler Salvavidas de Hielo. WM Spain 2017 03:51
Jorge Drexler speaking Jorge Drexler interview. 0 2017 03:24
No soy de aquí, No soy de allá Chavela Vargas Chavela Vargas: Sus 40 Grandes Canciones. Rama Lama 2002 03:29
Anda Ven y Muevete Juan Formell Y Los Van Van Sabroso – Havana Hits. EGREM 2011 07:24
Mueve el Esqueleto Lorami Saudé Mueve el esqueleto. mueve el esqueleto iM Lorami Saudé 2016 02:23
Muévelo Negro Quantic y Nidia Gongora Muévelo Negro. TRU THOUGHTS LTD. (TRT) 2013 07:00
Mueve Mueve Locos Por Juana Mueve Mueve. Rock The Moon Production 2015 03:28
Muévete un poco Manny Oquendo y Libre On the Move – Muévete. Lugo Music 2010 09:02
Movimiento Mariachi Los Camperos Movimiento. KIUBO MUSIC 2017 03:45
Movimiento Grupo Destrampe Los del Rancho. Vegas Records 2009 03:02



  1. Hi,

    Let me start by saying I am a big fan of your show. Thank you for all the time and dedication you place into each podcast. Not only do I enjoy listening to each podcast but I learn a lot from each song especially the oldies. It’s like a mini history-music lesson.
    I’m writing because I’d like to know who the artist for song 8, Mueve Mueve, is. The man speaking at 38:40 of the podcast is a common “tag” used in champeta from Cartagena and Barranquilla-Colombia, so I’m wondering what artist this is. Thank you for your time.

    • Catalina Maria wrote:

      Hi Anabell! Thanks so much for listening. I just updated the playlist, but here is also the video to that song, by Miami’s Locos de Juana. Enjoy!

    • Catalina Maria wrote:

      And also, that tag which you recognized makes a lot of sense! One of the lead musicians in Locos de Juana is from Medellín and another from Barranquilla! Por supuesto. You may enjoy this piece I wrote about them a bit back.