Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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It’s a HEAT WAVE on Beat Latino! Despite that winter’s frozen breezes still surround us, the music is nothing but hot on this week’s Beat Latino! From oldies but goodies like boogaloo tropical, California-style (Al Valdez) or psychedelic Amazonic cumbia, Peru-style (Juaneco) to new tropical trance from Colombia and New York (Combo Chimbita), we promise to keep you moving and dancing and warm until the thaw comes! Enjoy!

Feature photo: Cover of Mista Savona Presents Havana Meets Kingston (out on VP Records)​, Courtesy of the Artist

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Frío severo combo chimbita El corredor del jaguar. Names You Can Trust 2016 03:20
Ponta de lanca africano Jorge Ben Beleza tropical: Brazil classics 1. 2006 03:53
Qué pasó Captain Captain cumbia y su combo Cumbia tropical in da Klezmer’st. 2014 03:50
El alma y el cuerpo Bomba estéreo Elegancia tropical. Soundway Records 2012 05:01
Mi swing es tropical (Zeb remix) Nickodemus, Quantic feat. Tempo, The Candela Allstars The Wonderwheel Spins 2012. Wonderwheel Recordings 2012 04:18
Oriente tropical Juaneco y su combo The birth of jungle cumbia. The Vital Record 2013 02:57
País tropical Albita and Alexandre Pires Albita. InnerCat Music Group, LLC 2017 04:02
Poema tropical Tito Paris Acústico – Aula magna. Go Edições 2015 06:28
Trópico Nelson Pinedo El Zumbador. Bela Records 2009 02:40
Qué rico sabor Al Valdez Do the boogaloo. Heaven And Earth Music 2016 02:34
Sancocho La misa negra La misa negra. NAM Entertainment 2017 03:08
Candela mi son Ernesto Oliva Desafiando al destino. BisMusic 0 03:26
Candela (feat. Solis & Randy Valentine) Mista Savona Havana Meets Kingston. VP Records 2017 04:54

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