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Beat Latino this week is all about…. ¡Puro tango que no es tango! Only tangos that are not exactly, tangos!

We’re got flamenco tangos with Diego el Cigala and Martirio, tropical tangos with Ruben Blades, mariachi tangos with Vicente Fernández and Rocío Durcal, salsa tangos with Jerry Rivera, electro tangos with Gotan Project and much, much more! We love the genre-hopping that abounds today in our Latin musical universe!

Get your tango on (sort of!) with Beat Latino this week!


Naranjo En Flor Diego El Cigala Romance De La Luna Tucumana . Universl Music Latino 2014 04:10:00
Volver Martirio Flor de Piel . Sunnyside 2003 04:07:00
Volver Vincente Fernandez Mano a Mano . Columbia 2014 03:24:00
Sombras… Nada Màs Rocío Dúrsal Entra Tangos Y Mariachi . RCA Records Label 2001 03:43:00
Pedro Navaja Ruben Blades Tangos . Fania 2012 05:53:00
Tango Jalousie Quadro Nuevo Tango Bitter Sweet . World Music Network 2012 05:09:00
Ousmane Touré Ousmane Touré Putumayo : Tango Around The World . Putumayo World Music 2007 03:39:00
Esclavo (Tango) Lágrima Ríos La Perla Negra Del Tango . Acqua Records 2008 03:13:00
Arrabal Gotan Project Lunatico . Ya basta records 2008 03:58:00
Electrocutango Los Filenos Putumayo: Tango Around The World . Putumayo World Music 2007 04:07:00
Liana Estrela Da Tarde Putumayo : Tango Around The World . Putumayo World Music 2007 04:02:00
El Dia Que Me Quieras Jerry Rivera Caribe Gardel . Capitol Latin 2007 04:17:00
Melodia De Arrabal Sonora Latina Sõnando Con Puerto Rico . Camajan 2007 05:36:00
A Media Luz Nat King Cole Mona Lisa (Les eternels – Classic Songs) . Old Style 2013 02:06:00



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