Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future

It’s time to once again celebrate the era of the remezcla – the era of the remix!  Great tunes live on in new and infinite creative iterations as they are remixed and reinterpreted anew by DJ/producers from around the world. This week’s Beat Latino is dedicated to our favorite recent remezclas  from the Latino musical universe, from Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Argentina and beyond.  Enjoy!

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Adiós Morena Río MIRA Adiós Morena. AYA Records 2016 04:07
Agua de la tierra Rodrigo Gallardo & Nicola Cruz El Origen. Wonderwheel Recordings 2017 04:54
Mama Africa Colombiafrica – The Mystic Orchestra Voodoo Love Inna Champeta Land. 2012 03:52
Nostalgia Cubana remix DJ Jigüe Old Cuba New Cuba vol. 2. DJ Jigüe 2018 04:20
Pelao Ralfi Pagan Ralfi Pagan. Fania 2012 03:28
Aloito Pio Son Palenque Palenque Records Afrocolombiana. Galletas Calientes 2018 04:43
Sendero del Monte Mateo Kingman Respira Remixed. AYA Records 2017 04:20
Pour Maman Gabriel Garzón-Montano Bishouné:Alma del Huila. Styles Upon Styles 2014 05:24
Zarandia Champeta Colombiafrica & Viviano Torres Big Fella 6. HeyDude Rec 2018 04:14
Amaotayku Avelino Sinani Luzmila Carpio Yuyay Jap’ina Tapes. Squirrel Thing Recordings 2015 02:44
House of love IFÉ House of Love (Nicola Cruz Remix). AYA Records 2016 05:26
Maleducada Dat Garcia Maleducada remixes vol. 1. ZZK Records 2017 07:02

Feature photo: Dat Garcia Maleducada Remixes (cover) Courtesy of the Artist


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