Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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We went all the way to Spain’s Canary Islands this year to check out the latest world music sounds at Womex 2018, including some amazing global Latino sounds! And along the way, had a couple of wonderful conversations with artists Eleanor Dubinsky and Uji (aka Luis Maurette of Lulacruza) and got to hear an incredible sampler of live music. Here’s just a taste of our time around the music, on that little bit of volcano in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy!

Feature photo: Linniker at Womex 2018, by Catalina Maria Johnson

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Catalina trx 1 BeatLatino intro. x 2018 :48
Lava Liniker e os caramelows Lava. Pomm_elo 2018 04:09
Catalina trx 2 BeatLatino intro Lucibela. x 2018 :43
Chica di nha maninha Lucibela Laço Umbilical. Lusafrica 2018 04:01
Catalina trax 4 BeatLatino intro to Eleanor. x 2018 :56
Eleanor Dubinsky interview BeatLatino x. x 2018 18:51
Familia ft Cehache Respira Uji Alborada. ZZK Records 2018 04:16
Uji Interview BeatLatino part 1. x 2018 05:45
Mamalica Uji at Womex2018. x 2018 04:18
Uji interview BeatLatino part 2 . x 2018 06:59
Colapso suena Uji Alborada. ZZK Records 2018 03:54
Catalina trx 5 BeatLatino intro Garufina Collective. x 2018 01:37
Mongulu The garifuna collective Ayò. Cumbancha 2013 03:18



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