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Nuestra música: past, present and future


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Here on Beat Latino the time seems better than ever to share a set of freedom songs – it’s an important topic for our culture, as we have wrestled with degrees of freedom for so much of our history. What does it mean to be free? How does it feel? How have we struggled for freedom? And what does freedom mean in our life and loves?

The answers resound in our music – from ballads to salsas and more, from Chile to Ecuador to Mexico, let the freedom songs ring!


Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Para la libertad Aceituna sin hueso Serrat Encanta: Cuba Le Canta a Serrat Vol. 1. DiscMedi S.A. 142 03:21
Mi nombre es libertad Music by Senora Mi nombre es libertad. MUSICBYSENORA 2012 04:25
Libertá Novalima Coba coba. Cumbancha 2009 03:41
Libertad Yasmin Levy Rough Guide to Flamenco. World Music Network 2013 04:05
Libre Gepe GP. Quemasucabeza 2012 03:29
Libertad Pacifika Asunción. Asunción 2008 04:36
Libre Telmary A Diario. Bis Music 62 04:07
Yo te quiero libre Silvio Rodriguez  


Ojalá 1984 03:21
Libertad, libertad, libertad Manuel Jiménez Libertad, libertad, libertad. 0 04:13
La Cueca de la libertad Grupo Jatari Ecuador: El Grito de Libertad (The Cry of Freedom). Paredon Records 1976 03:46
De libertad y amor Illapu De libertad y amor. Fonarte Latino 2013 03:30
Canto libre Francesca Ancarola Lonquén- Tributo a Victor Jara. 0 06:24
Para la libertad Joaquín Sabina y Joan Manuel Serrat Dos pájaros de un tiro. Ariola 2007 02:34
Para siempre libertad Lascivio Bohemia Regional presenta Temporal volumen. Regional Label 0 04:39


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