Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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A celebration of the power of the people of Puerto Rico, who with art, grace and courage expressed outrage at an untenable political situation, and took to the streets to be and dance the change they wanted to see. Beat Latino shares a sampler of Puerto Rican music from San Juan to New York City, Enjoy!

Cantare a Puerto RicoPlena LibreEvolución.Plena Libre200504:35
ResilienciaTaina AsiliResiliencia.Taina Asili201905:06
Pan PanAni CorderoPan Pan.Panapén Records201903:10
CuranderaiLeAlmadura.Sony Music Latin201903:14
Realidad MASTERRealidad MASTER.201904:57
Isla del EncantoHector LavoeA Man and His Music.Fania200704:26
Puerto RicoEddie Palmieri & Ismael QuintanaPiñero.Musical Productions201207:00
La isla del EncantoCelia CruzViva Cuba.Soundbox201502:30
Que bonita banderaPlena LibreCorazón.GN Musica201204:50
Pa lanteedite.201905:49
Afilando los cuchillosResidente, iLe y Bad BunnyCover.201905:20

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