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Música for the Resistance! This week’s Beat Latino presents a selection of songs to inspire us in these difficult times. From songs decrying police violence to songs for protecting the environment, to tunes expressing solidarity with the #Blacklivesmatter movement to others questioning the President, this week’s Beat Latino has your protest soundtracks covered. We also share a segment of an interview with artist/activist Quetzal Flores. Enjoy! And Resist.
Feature photo: Quetzal. Courtesy of the Artist.

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Señor presidente Las Cafeteras Tastes like L.A. .Las Cafeteras 2017 04:13
Me tumba Ani Cordero Querido Mundo. Ani Cordero 2017 03:20
Deja de matar Baracutanga Importados. Baracutanga 2015 07:08
Protesto Cultura Profética Reggae en español. Big Eye Music 2008 05:01
Espejos vs The Gaze Quetzal The eternal getdown. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings 2017 05:11
Toro Ayotzinapa Quetzal The eternal getdown. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings 2017 06:55
Quetzal Flores Interview – Segment BeatLatino BeatLatino. BeatLatino 2017 04:38
Get to knowing Quetzal The eternal getdown. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings 2017 06:55
Señor Presidente Los Cojolites No tiene fin. Round Whirled Records 2008 02:48
Changüí pa Ayotzinapa Changüí Majadero El ChangüíMajadero. Changüí del Guaso Productions 2016 04:32
La Revolución no llegará a tu monitor Los corrientes Sexta etapa. Los corrientes 2015 02:09
Rican Beach Hurray for th Riff Raff The Navigator. ATO Records 2017 03:32
Take a stand Gato Preto Tempo. OH WOW Records 2017 03:28
Somos la Resistencia The Myrrors Hasta la victoria. Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records 2017 03:03

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