Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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This Beat Latino celebrates the deeply-rooted contemporary creations of [email protected] from all parts of our Americas, artists that nurture their music very directly from the most vital and ancestral parts of their heritages, and re-envision them for our times. Featuring the music and portions of my interview of Dominican composer, guitarist, vocalist and Palotré band leader Yasser Tejeda, and highlighting sounds from Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and the Latino USA. Enjoy, the wellspring of rhythms that are the foundation of nuestra música!

Featured photo: Yasser Tejeda by Mario Ruben Carrión

Musical Works

Nuestras raícesYasser Tejeda y PalotréKijombo.Guitambú Music Productions INC201904:35
Amor ArrayanoYasser Tejeda,Vicente GarcíaAmor Arrayano.Guitambú Music Productions201903:40
El Sol de la madrugadaYasser TejedaEl Sol de la madrugada.Guitambu Music202102:45
YasserInterview 2Yasser.2021:52
Amor Arrayano (Acoustic)Yasser TejedaInterior.Guitambu Music202003:28
El diablo y la brujaLa bruja de TexcocoEl diablo y la bruja.Believe Music202104:02
Eso que tu hacesLido PimientaMiss Colombia.Anti202004:41
GuarapoRio MiraMarimba del Pacífico.AYA Records201703:51
Contra TamborMAKU SoundSystemCulebra Coral.Names You Can Trust201903:29
Seremei Buguya (Thanks to You)The Garifuna CollectiveAyó.Stonetree Records201304:19
LiberalEdna VázquezLa Nina Tonatl.Edna Vázquez201004:08
House of Love (Nicola Cruz Remix)ÌFÉ and Nicola CruzHouse of Love (Nicola Cruz Remix).AYA Records201605:26
Canto de velorio Rodrigo Gallardo RemixTremor, Soema Montenegro Canto de velorio (Rodrigo Gallardo Remix).Folcore Records202105:08

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