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Nuestra música: past, present and future


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The cumbia has been called “the musical backbone of the Americas”, and indeed it is! Ever since it emerged from the Guinean dance rhythm of “kumbé”, it has provided a solid and irresistible foundation for dance grooves from every single one of our países over the years, evolving from polished, elegant nearly orchestral pieces in its Golden Years in Mexico and Colombia to slow, transfixing tunes from the street corners of Monterrey, to psychedelic Amzazonic variations in Peru, and to today’s cumbias, which are as varied as they are amazing. This week’s Beat Latino shares a fabulous selection of cumbias for the 21st Century and beyond. Enjoy!

Featured photo: Catalina Maria Johnson, credit: Carolina Sánchez

Musical Works

International loveFidel Nadal Santa Fe Klan & Mexican Institute of SoundInternational love.Popartdiscos Internacional SAS202103:30
La cumbia del amorMauricio MesonesLa cumbia del amor.Mauricio Mesones | Martín Choy202103:44
Lamento en la selvaAstros de Mendoza & Los MirlosAbducción Amazonica, Lamento en la Selva.Astros de Mendoza201903:37
La MalezaMiloskaLa Maleza.Miloska202103:40
QuemaSotomayorQuema.Wonderwheel Recordings201903:43
Camara LentaEl Dusty, Morenito De Fuego & Adan CruzCamara Lenta.PRODUCE® SOUND202103:40
Que bailenEl Remolón, Pol NadaAsimétrico.Fertil Discos202105:14
La Cumbia de la ansiedadEl BúhoCumbias Imaquinarias – EP.Earthly Measures202105:00
Amarnos ahoraIslandman feat. Huairura & Bongo EntpIBIZA The Sunset Sessions, Vol. 9 Compiled by Kenneth Bager.Music For Dreams202104:44
Balada BorrachaQuantic & Nidia GóngoraAlmas Conectadas.Balada Borracha202104:04
Arroz con leche, NO me quiero casarBaracutangaVolver atrás.Baracutanga202103:54
Cumbia Algarrobera (featuring Chico Trujillo)Son Rompe PeraCumbia Algarrobera.Cumbia Algarrobera201904:50

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