Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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This week’s Beat Latino explores tunes, compositions and remixes that connect the dots between the past and the future. DJ Jigue brings in Cuba’s ancestral spiritual percussion into his creations, The Peronistas takes on Argentina’s Andean beats, Selvagia folds in Peru’s traditions, and Estación Sub_Tropico uses Afro-Dominican roots instruments in their tunes. And there’s more! Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Bolivia, presente!! Whether its dancing or trancing, this week’s Beat Latino has you covered. Enjoy!

Musical Works

Cyber candombeI Have ProblemasInternet Theater.El Flying Monkey Records202104:47
Bomba E’Estación subtropicalBomba E’.Estación subtropical202203:46
JaradubChirimoyoElectropicoso.Folcore Records202004:53
Rural BeatsThe PeronistsRural Beats.Folcore Records202102:37
ImanesSelvagiaAutohipnosis.Folcore Records202002:23
La varita de Mariangola MilagrosPetrona Martinez (Uji)Alborada.Alborada201807:46
Ilaló ft Mateo KingmanChancha Via CircuitoIlaló.Bienaventuranza201805:02
CosocoJuana MolinaHalo.Halo201704:58
EvoluciónDj JigüeEkelekua.Dj Jigüe202104:32

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