Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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This week’s Beat Latino celebrates Black History Month musically with a contemporary selection of music created by AfroLatine artists from Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Argentina and more! It’s a homage to the tercera raíz, and an expression of Afro-Indigenous-Ibero-American musical heritage. From tropical afrofuturism to roots jazz to reggae, the tunes this week are also a Beat Latino thanks for the African gift to nuestra música. Enjoy!

Featured photo: Combo Chimbita by Camila Falquez

Musical Works

El Jarabe NeoyorquinoJarana BeatVibración por simpatía.Jarana Records202005:23
Adorar la sangreQuantic and Nidia GongoraAlmas conectadas.Quantic and Nidia Gongora202104:16
Let it goW1zzy x Steffani MilanLet it go.W1zzy202002:56
Mundo NuevoAlex Cuba & Lila DownsMendó.Lila Downs202103:22
Café y Bomba EhAlex “Apolo” AyalaBámbula.Alex “Apolo” Ayala202204:57
Coming ThruLido PimientaComing Thru.Anti202002:56
Me paséTwins Palms, Jenn MorelMe pasé.Nacional Records202103:09
Afro EXiomara Fortuna ft AcentOhViendoaver.The Orchad Music202104:52
Te robaste mi corazónFidel NadalForever Together.Popartdiscos Internacional SAS201003:40
Tanta FeDJ Jigüe, El Menor feat NanaTanta Fe.Guampara Music202103:58
MemoriaCombo ChimbitaMemoria.Anti202204:00

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