Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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This week’s Beat Latino is a back-and-forth, ida y vuelta, from the Americas to the Latine diaspora in Europa, to Euro-Latino sounds and back again! Sounds from Peru in Berlin, Argentina, Guatemala, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil in the USA, Spain…from here to there, and back, as eclectic as it gets! Whether funky or dreamy or soul or electro-pop, we’ve got your ears covered on Beat Latino. Enjoy!

Feature photo: Pehuenche

Musical Works

Mujer IndígenaSara CurruchichMujer Indígena.Mamita Records202104:06
Amores ExtrañosCompro OroCompro Oro.Desorden Sonor202202:44
KISSFolz BKISS.Folcore Records202206:26
Estación EsperanzaSofia Kourtesis feat. Manu ChaoEstación Esperanza.Estación Esperanza202205:18
BrillandoPehuencheVida Ventura.Pehuenche202204:31
La PerlaCombo ChimbitaIRE.Combo Chimbita202203:15
Cinco SentidosBanduaCinco Sentidos.Bandua202206:17
Do Lixo Ao LuxoFachadaDo Lixo Ao Luxo.Virtual Label LLC202102:15
A la una Yo NacíAlmaléHixa Mía.Microscopi005:43
Stairs to StarsMarronSunset Park.Nacional Records202102:46
PlañideraMaria GuadañaLatidos y Culebras.Happy Place Records202204:32
Al MirarBlanco PalameraAl Mirar.Raso202204:49

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