Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


Download this Episode of Beat Latino (MP3)


Download this Episode of Beat Latino (MP3)

This week’s Beat Latino closes our Women’s History Month musical celebration with a most unusual, experimental, mystical set of forward-thinking soundscapes, as we celebrate the futuro of nuestra música with a selection of compositoras electrónicas. Women who create with all kinds of equipment and electronic strategies in addition to adding their vocals, spoken word and instrument-playing. Sit back and enjoy the wild ride! It’s a magical mystical electronic tour-de-force from Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and beyond. Enjoy!

Musical Works

Close feat Helado NegroEla MinusClose.Domino202003:37
SmileElysia CramptonSmile.Electric Counterpoint: I. Fast201803:31
Flor de LotoBardaFlor de Loto.Barda202103:45
GargantaMorita VargasGarganta.Morita Vargas202003:32
Pé RachadoPalmer & IsadoserQuintessence.Tropical Twista Records202007:06
ÚteraKaleemaÚtera.Wonderwheel Recordings202103:20
Motomo carenadoTamara MontenegroA guide to the birdsong of Mexico.Tamara Montenegro202106:45
El ColapsoAngélica Negrón y BalunEl Colapso.fabiandmts201605:11
Eat my butterflyDeórDéor kreol rework.Les Perles du bord de l’eau202103:21
De los AndesOrieta ChremDe los Andes.T.W.G. Vol. 01202003:01
Flores en el marLila tirando a violetaLimerencia.NAAFI202003:10
IrisAlina LabourIris.Outsider tapes202004:58
NeniñuéMercedes PeónArjú.DISCMEDI200804:55

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