Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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This week’s Beat Latino visits TD Sunfest in London, Ontario, Canada! The selection shares the Latine artists that appeared at this marvelous 4 day outdoor fest that focuses on international music on a series of stages at Victoria Park. We share just a taste of the fest, the Latine and Latin American artists from Canada, Canary Islands, Cuba, Chile, Argentina and more. Enjoy a whirlwind musical paseo of nuestra lovely, lively música, which we experienced live!

Musical Works

Esa MusiquitaOlga Cerpa y MestisayJallos.Ediciones Mestisay201704:32
Porqué se fue la palomaPascuala Ilabaca y FaunaLucero.Warner Music Chile202204:19
Pra que me chamasXenia FrancaXenia.Xenia201706:15
Cumbia del BarbuSonido PesaoTodo Revuelto.Pasa Musik202004:47
MuñuñiMiguel de ArmasContinuous.Miguel de Armas202104:54
InmigranteTanghettoTanghetto.Constitution Music201204:12
TamboGhetto KumbeGhetto Kumbe.ZZK Records202004:15
Colendo pa BongaSoukustekAsina Jue.Soukustek201905:56
AguayroAlba Gil AceytunoAlba Gil Aceytuno.Alba Gil Aceytuno202102:17
Casa CamaronYone Rodriguez & Santiago Lara & Jose Carlos CubasSemilla.Achinech Productions202104:16
MementoHirahi AfonsoMemento.Satelite K202004:32

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