Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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October’s harvest-time abundance brings us new tunes from all over nuestro universo musical! This is one of my favorite Beat Latino editions, happening approximately once a month! Other than the musical fact that there will always be new cumbia from somewhere, the new tunes selection is always unpredictable and eclectic, whether refreshing our roots with new fusions or preserving them as intactly as possible! Let your ears revel in Chicago-style psych pop via Divino Niño, cumbia loca via Mexico’s La Gran Locumbia, quietly bold and passionate folk-infused ballads from Mexico’s Silvana Estrada, delicate electro-acoustic concoctions by Argentina’s Facundo Salgado, aka Rumbtumba, to delicate bossa-esque ballads from Argentina via Brazil thanks to Katy Inti LaMadrid and BEYOND. Enjoy!

Featured photo: Rumbotumba

Musical Works

CrucigramaJorge Glem, Sam ReiderCrucigrama (single).Guataca Producciones dist. By TuStreams, LLC202203:33
Oxum MenininhaKaty Inti Lamadrid, Wayra SalemOxum Menininha (single).Agami Records202204:17
AquiSilvana EstradaAbrazo.Silvana Estrada under exclusive license to Glassnote Music LLC202202:52
Acuerdate de MiUnidad y AmoniaAcerdate de Mi (Single).Casa Maracas202203:40
Corazon UsadoCheo, Isabel AladroCorazon Usado (single).Nacional Records202203:52
Nos SoltamosDivino NinoLast Spa on Earth.Winspear202203:34
AmbaroushkaLa Gran LocumbiaAmbaroushka (Single).La Gran Locumbia202203:30
Angel In DisguiseCharlotte Dos SantosMorfo.Because Music Ltd.202204:09
Alta Magia – Reversion “10 Años”Rumbo Tumbia, Barrio LindoAlta Magia – Reversion “10 Años”.Facundo Salgado202205:57
Flor de CarameloGuitarricadelafuenteLa Cantera.Sony Music Entertainment España S.L, Bajo Licencia Exclusiva de Guitarricadelafuente.202202:48
Bulletproofzzzahara, MareuxCupids Out Tonight.Lex Records Ltd202204:12
Fragrancia de Una FlorDraco RosaSound Healing 1:11.Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC202107:55
La LlamaMireya, Adrian Quesada, VelcroMireya.Mireya Ramos202203:48
El GavilanMariachi Herencia De MexicoHerederos.Mariachi Heritage Foundation202202:32

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