Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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This week we have another Beat Latino inspired by a question from a listener: “How do you discover new music?” So we’re once again sharing some trusted paths to the música nueva – authors, publications and record labels that consistently take us to new and marvelous soundscapes, in this edition concentrating on música from Sudamérica. Hopefully these will lead you too on journeys and to tumbling down musical rabbit holes with treasures galore! Enjoy!

Featured photo: Catalina Maria Johnson by Carolina Sánchez

Musical Works

RebuluAlexis PlayRebulu.Alexis Play202003:03
ChontaduroCynthia MontañoChontaduro (Single).Cynthia Montaño202104:29
Dime Si PuedoAfro LegendsDime Si Puedo (Single).Discos Pacífico202103:44
Rama en El RioBarda, Gus GoncalvesRama en El Rio (single).Fértil Discos202204:36
Mi Cultura la CoplaTremor, Micaela ChaqueCorazon de Agua.Fertil Discos202202:33
Acá se quiebran las hachasIgnacio La CongaDonde Se Quiebran las Hachas.Fertil Discos202103:12
Morochaje (de Primera Linea)M.A. StudioFuturo Niche.Discos Pacífico202202:59
IndiritaRuca y El Quinde De BarbacoasIndirita (Single).Discos Pacífico202204:32
Pa’ Que BailenVerito Asprilla, ZoomusicMundo Lila.Discos Pacífico202203:13
MocosOvo ou BichoMocos (Single).Ovo ou Bicho [dist. Tratore]202004:56
GwandenaTimpanaGwandena.Alejandra Lanza Lobo202203:21
LunayUji, Zola DubnikovaLunay (Single).ZZK Records202203:07
Cumbia de las Almas Extra​ñ​asCerrero, Viivi María SaarenkylaCumbia de las Almas Extra​ñ​as .Llorona Records202206:03

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