Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

Nuestra música: past, present and future


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This week’s selection is all about water, tunes from all over the Americas about water, to remind us of the importance of this precious resource. Water – blessed, holy, magical – is also a part of our ancestral lore and legend from around the Americas, and we have music about agua santa, too. And let’s do our best to preserve and treasure water, agua! Enjoy!

Musical Works

AguaBomba EstéreoDeja.Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC202103:20
AguaXiomara FortunaEntre Luna y Babia.ILé Akwa Producciones | Distributed by La Oreja Media Group, Inc.202202:56
Agua De RosaAngélica GarciaCha Cha Palace.Spacebomb202003:37
Agua SantaMateo KingmanRespira.AYA Records201603:48
El ManantialLos Planetas, MontañésLas Canciones del Agua.El Ejército Rojo202212:23
Agua SantaOcote Soul SoundsTaurus.Level One201604:07
Agua del OlvidoAfro-Andean Funk, Araceli Poma, Matt GeraghtyThe Sacred Leaf.Just Play202204:41
AguasantaFernando Milagros, HuairaOBSYDIANA.Jungla Music y Tierradefuego, bajo licencia exclusiva de Fernando Milagros202204:57
Corazón de AguaMicaela Chauque, TremorCorazón de Agua.Fertil Discos202204:23
Aguacero TropicalPahua, MOÜGLI, WX//CLTVAguacero Tropical (Single).Nacional Records202203:45
La BalsadaSemblanzas del Rio GuapiVoy Pa Allá.Discos Pacifico202103:50

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