Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

A weekly exploration of the past, present and future of the Latino musical universe

Emigrante, inmigrante – Songs about the many ways to leave your land…

Mother’s Day special – A musical homage to nuestra madrecita

5 de mayo! A tribute to the Mariachi!

The music of our cities

Celebrate Mamá Pacha! Earth Day

Latin America’s afro roots taken electronic – mashed up, remixed and rocked out!

This hour's selection highlights the work of Latin American and Spanish poets that has been set to song. Never has poetry been quite this danceable! 
Nuestra poesía en canto - versiones cantadas de las palabras de nuestros poetas.

Poems and all that song and dance…

Divas! A tribute to the legendary women of Latin music

The celtic side of Latino!


Latin music at the movies!


Best of Latino Global 2010