Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson

A weekly exploration of the past, present and future of the Latino musical universe

BEAT LATINO: Lo nuevecito, New Music!

A Celebration of Kisses and Romance!

A Musical Celebration of the Year of Indigenous Languages

A musical light for the New Year!

Beyond borders and walls, and to the dreams

Musical Time Machine!

Faves on Repeat 2018!

Womex 2018, A Beat Latino Recap!

Remix Redoux

¡Gracias, gracias, muchas gracias! Music for giving thanks for Thanksgiving

Latin Grammy faves!

Ay, la vida! Here’s to Life

Songs of casita, barrio, home and ‘hood!

Smoother than smooth! Neo-Soul Bedroom Pop

The Soundtrack of Our Cities: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, Latinx-style

Ancestral AND cutting edge: Aboriginal and indigenous tunes!

Celebrating Indigenous People’s Day

Puerto Rico, Pa’Lante!

¡Puro tango, que NO es tango! Only tangos that are not, exactly, tangos!

Crossing the Pond! Latinx Music on the Other Side of the Atlantic!

A Most Musical September! Live in the CHI and environs

Brand New Music! The Latest Rolitas!

Musical Spanglish (Latinx Diaspora Part 2)

The Music of the Latinx Diaspora (en inglés)